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Razor Wire
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Concertina Razor Wire, also called Razor Wire. As an effective and economical security barrier, using galvanized steel blade to wrap around a galvanized core wire. With its high security function, ChieFENCE Concertina Razor Wire can prevent most of the instrusions for it is hard and dangerous to broke. With the Concertina Razor Wire on the top of other fences, it can greatly improve the safety factor. One of the important features is the low cost. It is popular in the African market, it is also a hot-sale product most countries and areas.


Lower budget.

Anti-rust,Long Service Life.

Fast Installation.

Customer specs available.

High tention strength.


Welded Mesh Fence

Welded Mesh Fence



Types of Razor wires:

BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-65, CBT-60

Types of Razor wires:

Material of Razor Wire:

Normal hot dipped galvanized razor wire (40–60 g/m2)

Heavily zinc coated razor wire (70–270 g/m2)

Stainless steel 304 or 316 grades razor wire

Clips of concertina wire:

3 clips, 5 clips or without clips

Coil Diameter of concertina wire:

300/450/500/600/700/800/950/1000 mm

Coil Diameter of concertina wire:

Package of Razor Wires

Waterproof paper inside, woven bag outside, then 50 rolls/bundle or as required

Nude package, then packing by wooden pallet or in bulk


A: flat Wrap

B: Single coil

C: Cross coil

Flat Wrap

Flat Wrap

Single coil

Single coil

Cross coil

Cross coil

Optional types

Схема производственного процесса

Razor Wire Installing STEP 01

Razor Wire Installing

Razor Wire Stamping STEP 02

Razor Wire Stamping

Forming Razor Wire STEP 03

Forming Razor Wire

Razor Wire Coiling STEP 04

Razor Wire Coiling

Razor Wire Clip Installation STEP 05

Razor Wire Clip Installation

Razor Wire Package STEP 06

Razor Wire Package


Carton Delivery

Carton Delivery

Bulk Delivery

Bulk Delivery

Bundle Delivery

Bundle Delivery


2011,24000m razor wire for Qatar.

2012,24000m razor wire for Qatar.

2013,22000m razor wire project for Nigeria Warri Airport.

2011,24000m razor wire for Qatar.

2015,2000m razor wire project for Nigeria.

2017,6000m razor wire for Kenya.

2018,6000m razor wire for Kenya.

2019,50000m razor wire for Russia.


I have imported razor wire from China for 13 years. The weight of razor wire is very important for me. ChieFence is doing very well. I like it very much

-I have Imported Razor Wire from China for 13 Years

Razor wire is a simple product, the standard wire is 2.5mm and the razor blade is 0.5mm. However, the market competition is fierce. In our market, Other distributor offer 1.8mm wire 0.3mm Blade. So I also need this. ChieFENCE can always meet my requirements. I am very satisfied,

-ChieFENCE can Always Meet my Requirements

I 'm David from the UK. In 2013, our company needed razor wire to be used on the deck of the ship to prevent pirates from boarding the ship, so we needed very good quality razor wire (zinc coating: 275g / m2). I have been searching in China for a long time, and only ChieFENCE can provide . thank you very much

-I am David from the UK

We are a construction company in Qatar and often need SS316 razor wire. If you buy stainless steel razor wire, I only believe Chiefence. Because what I need is the best ss316, I am afraid that other suppliers will give me stainless steel 201or 304

-We are a Construction Company in Qatar


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